Each product is manufactured individually, adapting it to the specifics of each customer and object, providing a full service.


Every job starts with a design.

A well-prepared design will allow the customer to save time and money in the future.

Design of electrical components, taking into account the specifics of the object, technical requirements, compliance with national and manufacturer standards, CE, harmonized standards, EU Directives, etc.

In addition to the developed scheme, equipment explication, material specification and heat calculations, the customer also receives technical and financial comparison in similar projects.


Our factory is constantly growing and developing. Please get acquainted with  the main manufacturing departments of INTRA-EL:

  • Low-voltage power distribution system assembly station
  • Automation and control distribution system assembly station
  • Metalworking station
  • End product inspection station (FAT, SAT tests)
  • Automation and control distribution system programming station (we program for Siemens, Schneider, Wago, etc,)
  • Raw material warehouse
  • End product warehouse

More than 40 highly qualified specialists form the core of INTRA-EL and are responsible for the manufacturing of equipment.

At INTRA-EL, quality control of all manufacturing processes is performed in accordance with ISO 9001.


Our specialists provide a full service, including the installation, adjustment and commissioning of manufactured power and automation cabinets.

So far, we have successfully installed our solutions already in hundreds of public buildings, data centres and industrial objects, increasing the number of serviced objects year after year.

We also provide service abroad.


INTRA-EL performs servicing of power and automation cabinets both during the warranty period and after the warranty period.

As part of the maintenance, we provide 24/7 service, if necessary, arriving to the customer’s objects, regardless of their location.