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INTRA-EL has been engaged in the production, design and installation of power and control  distribution systems since 2004, constantly updating its knowledge and technologies, until it has become an internationally recognized manufacturer with high-quality projects implemented in more than 18 countries around the world.

A team of expert electrical engineers, designers, technologists and programmers provides our customers with options and solutions based on the latest global technologies and decades of experience in our industry.

In addition to the design, manufacturing and installation of power control distribution systems, INTRA-EL also provides immediate equipment service at any time of the day.

Use cases


Investing in safety is the best investment. The smallest power outage can lead to equipment downtime and immediate losses in the operation of various plants. 20 years of experience in various industrial projects help us to overcome the challenges related to the safe operation of each plant from the first steps of solution design to complete installation and adjustment of equipment.

Data centers

The hardware located in the data centres requires to be protected as much as possible, and is operational continuity needs to ensured. Our team’s deep knowledge of the specifics of this industry has been appreciated internationally, expressing gratitude for the well-done work on three continents of the world, in 18 countries.

Office buildings

Modern office buildings gather hundreds and thousands of people every day, whose continuity of work must be ensured by a perfectly designed power supply system. The large number of implemented projects in the field of power supply for public buildings allows us to be the best partner in international projects as well.

Shopping centers

Decades of experience in providing power supply to shopping centres, taking care of the daily needs of thousands of merchants, make INTRA-EL the most knowledgeable partner for the successful operation of shopping centres.

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Product types

Power distribution cabinets

Thanks to significant investments in equipment, selection and training of engineers, INTRA-EL is the largest manufacturer of power distribution cabinets in Latvia. Our products, from the simplest solutions to the most complex cabinets ensuring the operation of high-capacity factories, are highly valued and recognizable outside Latvia and are being exported to 18 countries.

Automation and control distribution systems

An automation cabinet for the management and control of various processes is vital in many industries. The automation and control cabinets developed by INTRA-EL engineers are appropriately assembled and programmed, taking into account the specifics of the object and the customer’s preferences.

White Label cabinets

Already for many years, INTRA-EL has also been specializing in the development of the so-called White Label power and automation cabinets, cooperating with industry leaders and being the actual manufacturers serving several companies world-renowned in the industry. This is possible thanks to highly efficient high-quality production processes designed by engineers for our factory.

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